KB9.org has a lot of great things going for it:

– It is a very in-demand domain name with 9 extensions of it already taken!
– It is only three characters long.
– It already has some links pointing to it.
– The purchase price is perfect.

The KB9.org domain was originally registered in 2009. Shortly thereafter it was turned into a tech blog that had posts/articles focused on the technology sector. After a couple of years, the Website ceased to exist and was never redeveloped. That brings us to this great opportunity for you to own a three character domain of your own!

Because this once was a developed site, there are still a few links that point to the domain, which is an added benefit for whoever grabs the domain.

This domain is temporarily on sale for $350. Grab it before the price goes up!

KB9.org Website Ideas:

  • Fan site for futbol/soccer star Karim Benzema (#9) who goes by KB9!
  • A tech Website (that's what it was before).
  • A Website based on your name.
  • A random Website.

Other Info:

  • Only 3 characters long!
  • The domain name is in demand. 9 extensions of it (including .net and .com) are all taken.
  • This domain already has some links pointing to it.

Can I use this logo?
If you buy this domain, you can have/use the logo at no additional cost. It will be yours! Just be sure to copy the logo to your computer just before you purchase the domain. The logo may only be used by the purchaser of this domain.

Yes. Godaddy will handle the purchase and transfer of the domain to you once you buy.

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You are buying the domain name only, allowing you the freedom to build whatever type of site you would like.

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